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Welcome Friend!

We are very excited to welcome you to the online presence of the Colt .45 Horse Ranch. Here you will have the opportunity to learn a little about our proud operation as well as view our world-class horses.

Horses and mankind have had a close relationship since the dawn of time. Out of the Far East, horses have carried men on their backs into the world and men have taken these animals to the four corners of world, each relying on each other to survive. When the Spaniards landed in North America, they brought their horses. These Foundation horses became the bloodlines of our finest performance horses. As time has passed, these bloodlines have aged and their strengths have weakened. The Colt .45 Horse Ranch invigorates these old lines with new blood, introducing new spirit and strength in our finest outcrossings. We know you'll be impressed with these beautiful and talented horses as they make a name for themselves in arenas around the continent. Take your time, learn about our operation, gaze upon our high quality images, and read the fine profiles for each sire, dam, colt and filly.

We welcome you to the Colt .45 Horse Ranch.

- Shannon Pearce, Owner

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